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4.3. Edit background image properties.

     To edit basic properties of the background image, you need to select "VFC Background Image" object in the left window:

     If you click "Edit Parameters" button, then some fields become active, and you can set/change some basic properties of the image:
1. Image loading scheme. Standard ( static ) scheme consist in image loading from resource file ( "From resource" option ). But, if you want to realize some "dynamic" scheme for your window background ( using of different images for this object ), then you can select "From file" option.
2. Image placement in the drawing area. Dimensions of drawing area were already set during the background image inserting for concrete object ( window, wallpaper etc. ), so here you can define the image drawing inside this area only, taking into account the image dimensions. It means, that, if the dimensions of drawing area are equal to image dimensions, then you need no to set any type of placement. Otherwise, you could select drawing options ( tiled, or stretched, or aligned ) with respect to your view/idea for GUI.
3. Transparent color. If you want to make some image as "transparent", then you could select here the transparent color. It means, that all parts of image with this color will be filled by window background color, or by image from low level. To select new transparent color, click on "Select New Transparent Color" button, and you'll see the next question:

     If you're sure, that you can define transparent color directly, then click "Yes" and select new color from Windows' standard dialog:

     But, sometimes, it's more convenient to select transparent color from image itself. So, click on "No" and select color from image:

     WARNING. You must know, that, in current version of the program, transparency is supported for 256-colors bitmaps only. For convenience, I inserted special notification message, to remind you about this fact:


4. Frame around the image. Of course, you could create frame on the image itself, but, maybe, it could be convenient to draw frame of selected color at the moment of window background composing.


     Here you could change the the caption of selected window, its class data, background image(s), styles and extended styles. Also, you can insert or delete controls.