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4.5.3. Edit "Simple Graphics Static Control" properties.

     To edit simple graphics static control properties, you need to click "Edit Parameters" button. Parameters fields become active, and you can now edit their values: Panel "Standard Parameters".

     Here you could change the next parameters:
1. Simple graphics static control type. You can easily select between frames, lines and rectangles.
2. Static control description. Sometimes, it could be convenient to have description for each GUI component. Also, you could save time, using control description as tooltip for it, instead of writing big help files for your program.
3. Window styles used with static controls. There are some windows styles ( parameters of Win32 API CreateWindowEx  function ), which can be used with static control. You can easily select/delete them here.
4. Window extended styles used with static controls. There are another set of CreateWindowEx parameters ( extended window styles ), which can be used with static control, to modify static control view.
5. Static control size and position.
Here you could set the static control top-left corner coordinates, its width and height. Also, you could dispose the control in preview mode, using "Select Static Control Size/Position in Preview Mode" button. WARNING. If you change some static control parameters, but not save them yet, then they're considered as "desired" values, not as "selected". Preview mode will work with "selected" parameters only, so you need to click "Save Parameters Value" and, again, "Edit Parameters" - now, if you call preview mode editing, then it'll work with accepted values.

Don't forget, please, to click "Save Parameters Values", to save your correction. Also, if you want to continue with this project design next day(s), then you should visit "File" panel and select "Save Current Project As"...