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4.2.1. Panel "Window Type, Appearance, Size and Position".

     To edit basic properties of the window, you need to click "Edit Parameters" button on the right window. After this, some elements of the window become active, so you could change their state, selecting new properties for your application and for window ( preview regime is locked during the edit session ):

     You can change here the next parameters/properties of application window:
1. Window title/caption. You can enter new caption into the edit field, to change the caption of the application window.
2. Window type. There are three possible variants for this parameter - you can use "classic scheme" with standard Windows object - window. Or you can select dialog box ( modeless or modal ) as your application window.
3. Window appearance. If you use window or modeless dialog, then animation effect for window appearance is available for these styles. For this case, you could define the appearance time ( in milliseconds ) for your window. Default value - 500.
4. Window size and position.
    You can select window size by one of three ways:
      a) "Use Image Dimensions" - it means, that you want to place some background
          image on window, and dimensions of its client part must be equal to this image
          dimensions. If you want to change background image, then click "Select New
" button;
      b) "Manual Settings" - explicit values for window dimensions;
      c) "Fix Window Client Area" - you fix window client part dimensions.
    Window position can be selected using :
      a) "Use Predefined Type of Placement" - each button corresponds to one of alignment
          type for window on the screen;
      b) "Set Top-Left Corner Coordinates" - if you want to set exact window position;
      c) "Use Default Position ( As Is )" - you allow Windows to place your window "as is".
    Also, you can select window size and position in preview mode - use "Select Window
    Position and/or Size in Preview Mode
" button.