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5.3.1. "Standard" minimal application

VFC GUI Generator distributive package contains sample ( or initial template ) for your starting efforts in understanding and using of the program. It is placed into <<Default Project>> directory. When Generator starts, <<Default Project>> is automatically loaded as current project. Taking into account the specific features of your problems ( and, respectively, GUIs ), you can modify this default project and use this new template in your next developments. Minimal GUI template.

You can see below the built module output for <<Default Project>>. This standard/minimal GUI consists of window and two buttons only.

You could download here the executable module of this standard/default project. Using background image for window.

Here you can download modified default project, where background image was inserted. You must unpack files from the zip-archive into the directory
     [XXX]\Projects\Default project And Image
where [XXX] means the directory you selected for the VFC GUI Generator, for example, C:\Wizard . The built executable module will look as follows:

Also, you can download the built executable file for this GUI project.
Below you could see slightly modified project - I deleted window caption feature. And now you can see the window without title bar. To use this project for your own needs in future, you need to unpack downloaded files into [XXX]\Projects\Default project And Image 1 directory. 

Also, you can download the built executable file for this GUI project. Using two background images with transparency effect.

Below you can see the output of slightly modified project from Here I introduce two background images, using transparent output for second image. Actually, I prefer to use for transparent drawing images with 256-color palette, because this scheme is supported by Windows itself. Time goes, and now Windows supports analogous transparent drawing for 16-bit and 24-bit color palettes. 32-bit color palette requires more complicated programming with using alpha-blend functions etc. Really, I'm not sure that most of us really need to use such big images - 256-color images look like appropriate choice - small memory and good images quality... You can download this project for using in future - you must unpack downloaded files into [XXX]\Projects\Default project And Two Images directory.

Here you can download the executable module for this GUI demonstration.