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System requirements

1. This program is written in Compaq Visual Fortran 6.1A. So you need to have support libraries
   installed on your computer. These libraries - DFORMD.DLL and DFORRT.DLL - are included
   into distributive package. You can store them in the directory, where the main executable module
   was placed, or you can copy them into SYSTEM directory of Windows ME ( SYSTEM32 - for
   Windows 2000/XP ).
2. This program was tested under Windows ME/2000/XP, so you need one of these system installed
   on your computer.
3. Program worked fine with the next PC configurations:
   a) Athlon 1200MHz, 256MB RAM, NVidia M64 TNT2 videocard with 16MB RAM;
   b) Athlon 750MHz, 384MB RAM, NVidia M64 TNT2 videocard with 32MB RAM;
   c) Intel Pentium III 667MHz, 512MB RAM; NVidia Vanta videocard with 16MB RAM.
Experiments for minimal configuration were not performed.