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Ordinary Differential Equations Systems Solver

Vladimir V.Vasilchenko  and  Alexander S.Belikov

    This program is very simple in use. Actually, it's GUI created for IMSL standard routine
DIVPRK from Visual Numerics Inc. This routine solves an initial-value problem for ordinary
differential equations using the Runge-Kutta-Verner fifth-order and sixth-order method.
It  finds an approximation to the solution of a system of first-order differential equations
of the form y' = f (t, y) with given initial data. The routine attempts to keep the global error
proportional to a user-specified tolerance. This routine is efficient for nonstiff systems 
where the derivative evaluations are not expensive.
    Main advantage of created GUI consists in using the special Formulae Interpreter. This
allows users to investigate various ODE systems without writing (re-writing) of any programs.
The only limitation consists in the understanding of used methods features, i.e. you should
understand that using explicit scheme of Runge-Kutta method is good idea for "good"/nonstiff
Program supports the visualization of data for received trajectories. You could see the sample of
such output below. Other interesting features are - export data into Excel-file for additional analysis
and saving picture in bmp-file.

Now you can download the executable module - (599KB )

Information for users
Ordinary Differential Equations Systems Solver, version 1.0 executable module


Ordinary Differential Equations Systems Solver, version 1.0 complete sources  ( personal use )

500 EUR

Information for programmers

Formulae Interpreter Module sources ( personal use )

400 EUR

Formulae Interpreter Module sources ( commercial use )

600 EUR

Formulae Interpreter Module static library ( personal use )

60 EUR

Formulae Interpreter Module static library ( commercial use )

120 EUR


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