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V&A Scientific Calculator v.1.0

This program is very simple. If you started it, then its main window appears, and you
can insert the mathematical equation/expression for evaluation, for example:
If you click the "Evaluate" button, then program suggests to set up the values for the parameters
of the expression. After the setting of these parameters, you'll click "Calculate" button, to receive
the value:
If you want to know which mathematical functions are supported here, then you can select "Help"
menu item, to receive help window with basic information:

Now you can download the executable module - ( 401KB )

Information for users
V&A Scientific Calculator v.1.0 executable module


V&A Scientific Calculator v.1.0 complete sources

500 EUR

Information for programmers

Formulae Interpreter Module sources ( personal use )

400 EUR

Formulae Interpreter Module sources ( commercial use )

600 EUR

Formulae Interpreter Module static library ( personal use )

60 EUR

Formulae Interpreter Module static library ( commercial use )

120 EUR



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