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Here I would like to express my deep appreciations to my first university's teachers:

Prof. Gregory Markmann.
I am very grateful to this person. Study, and then both friendship and scientific cooperation during more than 20 years, have given to me very much. His talent to understand very complex problem, and to decompose it into the set of the quite clear components is unique. I am absolutely sure, that my present achievements are the direct results of that fact, that he was my scientific chief in Rostov State University. Now he lives and works in Germany, and I can only envy to those people, which work with him or under his management.

Dr.Alexander Urinstev
This person tried to learn me to write programs. I am absolutely sure, that until now I have not reached that level, which he has. This cool FORTRAN guru demonstrated me the deepest knowledge of the numerical methods and programming languages. Now you can find in the Internet the numerous references on his work in the field of systems of analytical calculations. I can hope only, that he will not be too dissatisfied by the quality and style of my programming in this tutorial.