Graphical User Interface Wizards

     Now you can find on my site two variants of Graphical User Interface Wizards - VFC GUI Generator 3.01, which is free for all visitors of my site, and VFC GUI Generator 3.02, which is commercial version of this system.
     You can use GUI Wizard 3.01 as training tool, in order to understand the proposed technology of visual programming with FORTRAN. Version 3.02 has strong commercial status, so you can download it for testing, but most important features ( generation of FORTRAN sources etc. ) will be available for customers only. Also, version 3.02 is mostly oriented for the work under Windows 2000/XP, although, if you don't use new visual elements/styles of Windows 2000/XP, then your application will successfully work under Windows 9x/Me.
     Thus, click here, to start with free version of GUI Wizard, or click here, to download demo variant of commercial version.