Some Rules and Comments for Visitors

Dear Visitors!
     Since this year my site is under re-construction. The new strategy of its developments consists in minimizing of the items number available for free. Now you could see that I provide for free executable modules only. All sources of respective programs are available for some cost ( very very small ). I'm sure that such minimal cost can't be serious problem for programmers interested in learning FORTRAN programming technology under Windows 95/98/2000/XP. All sources are now well commented, so programmers with minimal background in programming will not have problems in understanding the code. Also, my strategy consists in providing simplest samples, which are not overloaded by other non-necessary details/lines, i.e. if you need to understand some concrete control, you can find here program dedicated to this control only .In new versions of samples, some of them were completely rebuilt using new features of  FORTRAN 90 standard.
     About tutorials. Unfortunately, I have no time for writing of such big volume of English documentation, because now I'm working with Russian versions of these tutorials, which will be published in Russia, as I hope. So, for readers without problem in reading English, I could provide concrete advice. I'll save tables of contents of all tutorials on the site, and they can serve like good pointer onto Microsoft Win32 SDK documentation you need to read. Of course, MS Win32 SDK dedicated to programming under Windows in C/C++, but it can provide you the basic terms/ideology of Windows programming. Other details of concrete programming in FORTRAN you'll find in samples from my site. They can seriously save your time in seeking/understanding differences in C and FORTRAN approaches. Actually, each sample can save about 2 hours of your time. From my practice I know that documentation prepared by me, can save you about 10-20 hours of your life. This documentation was prepared on the base of Microsoft PowerStation Fortran 4.0 during 3 years! Thus, the only that  you must do - purchase it. 99% of this documentation is acceptable for DVF/CVF users - only small number of interfaces were changed by DEC/Compaq. Actually, you can consider "Download" page of my site as "Tutorials in Samples".
     About availability of the sources and documentation. All items, marked as for "subscribers" ( source codes ) and all documentation is available from e-mail ONLY. To avoid problems with honesty of some visitors ( I see some nontrivial attempts to hack server with my homepage ), I don't publish on the site the items available for some cost. They exist on my local PC at home, not on the site! So, don't spend your time for such meaningless business, please!  Thus, don't worry if you met the diagnostics "404 File not found" following some link from my page. Look at it again, please. If there is some price near the link, it means that you try to give something for free, instead of asking me on purchasing of selecting item.

Good Luck,
Vladimir V.Vasilchenko
15 June 2004