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"Online Tutorial for Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP
Applications Programming In FORTRAN"
Vladimir V. Vasilchenko

If you're interested to start samples made in Compaq Visual Fortran 6.1A on the computer without compiler installed on it, then you can download file to do this.

And about terms...  Following the links from this page, you'll see "sources" and "complete project". "Sources" means the sources of the program in the form of html-file, "complete project" means completely prepared project for immediate use inside DVF/CVF. Program sources are already included into the project ( as .f90-files ). It was made for using by both experienced CVF users ( sources only are necessary ) and beginners too ( "how to start quickly with the program").

Important!  See "Rules" for additional information, please.

Four Quick Steps to Windows Applications Programming with FORTRAN
( For beginners, programmers under MS-DOS and mainframes )

Volume 1. The Basic Methods and Elements of  Windows Applications
                 Programming in FORTRAN.

  Getting Started With Windows Applications  

 Template for Simplest ( Empty ) Windows Application
Static Controls Samples Simple Static Text Control. Owner-Drawn Static Control. Static Controls with Images. Static Rectangles and Frames.

Buttons Samples  Using  Standard  Button.  Autoradiobutton Sample.  Radiobutton Sample.  Groupbox, CheckBox and Autocheckbox Buttons Sample.  Owner-Drawn Button with Bitmap.  Owner-Drawn Button with Icon.  Owner-Drawn Button with Metafile.  Owner-Drawn Button with Custom Font.  Advanced Owner-Drawn Button Sample.

List Boxes Samples Simple List Box Multiple-selection List Box Multi-column List Box Owner-Drawn List Box List Box with Directory List Inside Handling Information from List Box.

Edit Control Samples Using Edit Control for Data Input. Improved Sample.

Combo Boxes Samples Simple Combo Box Combo Box with Directory List Inside. Owner-Drawn Combo Box Handling Information from Combo Box.

Using Scroll Bar Samples Scrolling Text Sample. Scrolling Bitmap Sample. Using Scrollbar for Variable Value Changing.

Using Menus Samples Simple Pulldown Menu. Adding Submenu. Managing a Menu within an Application. Using Checkmark. Managing a Menu within an Application. Locking/Unlocking Items. Using Custom Checkmarks. Owner-Drawn Menu.
5.3.3. System Menu.
5.3.4. Floating Popup Menu.

Device Contexts Samples Retrieving the Capabilities of a Printer. Changing Screen Resolution.

Pixel Samples

6.3.1. Drawing a Pixel.
6.3.2. Pixel Color Detecting.

Basic Primitives of Windows' Graphics. Standard Scheme of Line Drawing. User-Defined Line Drawing.
6.5.2. Drawing Polylines.
6.5.3. Drawing Curves.
6.5.4. Drawing Filled Shapes.

Regions Samples Region Operations Samples. Clipping Region Sample. Hit Testing Sample. "Nonrectangular Window" Sample.

Bitmaps Samples Bitmap as Background for Window. Capturing and Saving the Image. Printing a Window Content. Drawing Transparent Bitmap.

Metafile Samples Scaling a Metafile. Scrolling a Metafile. Printing a Metafile.

Drawing Text Samples

7.3.1. Using Stock Font.
7.3.2. Using Customized Font.
7.3.3. Draw Text in Arbitrary Direction.
7.3.4. Simple Text Formatting.

Using Mouse Samples

8.3.1. Region Testing Sample.
8.3.2. "Hyperlink" Sample.
8.3.3. "Active Region" Sample.

Cursor Sample

9.4. Using Cursor Sample.

Common Dialogs

10.1. "Open" Dialog.
10.2. "Save As" Dialog.
10.3. "Choose Font" Dialog.
10.4. "Choose Color" Dialog.
10.5. "Print" Dialog.


11.3. Directory Listing with Files Information Sample.


12.2. Template for Simplest Printing.

Bonus Programs/Tips/Tricks

A.1.   Simple template for function drawing.
A.2.   Simple template for function drawing with virtual screen technique.
A.3.   Advanced sample of function drawing.
A.4.   Animating Window.
A.5.   Fortran specific - "Let me stop it now..."
A.6.   Image smoothing sample.
A.7.   Image sharpening sample.
A.8.   Embossed Image Sample.
A.9.   Solarized Image Sample.
A.10. Colored Static Control.
A.11. Colored Edit Control.
A.12. Using Custom Fonts In Controls.
A.13. Cascade Child Windows in non-MDI Application.
A.14. Tile Child Windows in non-MDI Application.
A.15. Fortran calls C-procedure.
A.16. Fortran calls C++ procedure.

Volume 2. Using Common Controls in Advanced Windows
               GUI Programming in FORTRAN.
 Animation Control Sample
 Tree-View Control Sample
 Tab Control Sample
 Header Control Sample
 Image Lists Samples:
           Creation, Drawing, Dragging
           Inserting images into Tab Control
           Inserting images into Tree-View Control 
           Inserting images into Header Control
 List-View Control Sample
 Drag List Box Sample
 Toolbar Sample
 Tooltip Samples: 
             Creation and Using Tooltip
             Tooltip in a Tab Control
             Tooltip in a Toolbar Control
             Attaching a Tooltip to Other Controls
             Advanced Tooltip Style Sample
 Progress Bar Sample
 Hot-Key Controls Sample
 Status Bar Sample
 MenuHelp Interface Sample
 Rebar Control Sample
 Trackbar Sample
 Up-Down Control Sample
 Flat Scrollbar Sample
 ComboBoxEx Control Sample
 Month Calendar Control Sample
 Date and Time Picker Control Sample
 Pager Control Sample

Volume 3. Advanced Topics of  Windows Applications
               Programming in FORTRAN.
Special comments on using samples for databases files access/creation.
In order to receive the proper behavior of samples below, check, please,
the presence of modern version of Microsoft's ODBC drivers on your
computer. These drivers are presented in last versions of Microsoft Office
2000 and Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. Also, these ones are available from
Microsoft site as the part of Microsoft Platform SDK. "Standard" name for 
ODBC drivers set - mdac_typ.exe.
Using samples for the work with Microsoft Visual FoxPro datatables under
Windows XP requires special attempts in special patch installation.

Access to databases

 Implicit Loading of ODBC Driver for Selected Database Type:
         -   Loading Microsoft Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver
         -   Loading Microsoft Excel ODBC Driver

Creating New Object of Selected Database Type:
         -   Load VFP Driver, Connect and Create Table
         -   Load Excel Driver, Connect and Create Workbook
         -   Load Access Driver, Connect and Create Database

 Saving Information in the Format of Selected Database Type:  
         -   Write Data into Microsoft Visual FoxPro Table
         -   Write Data into Microsoft Excel Workbook
         -   Write Data into Microsoft Access Database

 Reading Information from the Databases Files in FORTRAN:
         -   Read Data from Microsoft Visual FoxPro Table
         -   Read Data from Microsoft Excel Workbook
         -   Read Data from Microsoft Access Database

 Using Databases Format Files for I/O Operations in FORTRAN:   
         -   Update Data in Microsoft Visual FoxPro Table
         -   Update Data in Microsoft Excel Workbook
         -   Update Data in Microsoft Access Database

Client-Server Applications

Samples of DDEML Client-Server Applications
Samples of Winsock TCP/IP Client-Server Applications

OLE/COM Technology

Sample of Excel Call as Application.
Using OLE Automation to Call Excel
Sample of In-Place Activation of Excel
Using ActiveX Sample. Excel Workbook.

OPENGL Graphics For Beginners
( Step By Step Introduction )

  Standard Template for Program with OPENGL
 2-D Graphics primitives:
      Drawing Pixels Sample
      Drawing Points Sample
      Drawing Line Sample
      Drawing Advanced Style Line Sample
      Drawing Polyline Sample
      Drawing Advanced Style Polyline Sample
      Drawing Rectangle Sample
      Drawing Closed Polyline Sample
      Drawing Triangles Sample
      Drawing Grouped Triangles Sample 1
      Drawing Grouped Triangles Sample 2
      Drawing Quadrilaterals Sample
      Drawing Connected Quadrilaterals Sample
      Drawing Polygon Sample
      Drawing Text Samples:
             Using Windows' Stock Fonts in OpenGL Application
             Using Windows' Customized Fonts in OpenGL Application   
 3-D Graphics:
Drawing Surface Samples:
           Drawing Surface Standard Sample
           Drawing Surface Improved Sample
           Rotate Surface Sample

GUI Exercises

   Gradient filling and isoclines construction. 
         -   Gradient Filling of Triangles.
         -   Isoclines/Contours Drawing Samples
                 -   Classic Scheme
                 -   Advanced Scheme
                 -   New-Tech Scheme
         -   Isoclines/Contours Advanced Samples
                 -   Classic Scheme
                 -   Advanced Scheme
                 -   New-Tech Scheme
         -   Isoclines/Contours Drawing With Tricks
   GUI for triangulation packages 
         -   Game "Triangulation"
         -   Game "Triangulation II"
   GUI for formulae interpreter
         -   V&A Scientific Calculator v.1.0
         -   V&A Scientific Calculator & Viewer v.1.0
         -   Ordinary Differential Equations Systems Solver for Windows 98/Me/2000

Development Tool

VFC Graphical User Interface Wizards

Samples of applications created with VFC GUI Generator

Sample of GUI with input/output fields and with selection feature.